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High Level Medicine

Dr. Thangudu is a triple board certified MD in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism; lifestyle medicine and internal medicine.

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Hassle-Free Access

Enjoy direct access to your physician outside the clinic via email, phone and text.

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In-Depth Nutrition

We provide evidence-based dietary counseling to help you manage, prevent and even reverse chronic diseases.

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Individualized Coaching

We treat the whole person, not simply diseases. We will create a care plan that focuses on you.

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At Complete Medicine in San Antonio, Texas, Arti Thangudu, MD, is a diabetes, endocrinology, and thyroid specialist who offers customized solutions to help patients get where they want to be. The membership-based practice provides a supportive and safe environment that’s free of judgment, so patients can openly share their whole story as well as their health concerns and goals, without ever feeling rushed.

The practice specializes in the treatment of many endocrine and metabolic conditions, including diabetes, thyroid disease, pituitary disease, high cholesterol, adrenal disease, and osteoporosis. Complete Medicine also offers hormonal care for transgender patients as well as those with low testosterone.

The team at Complete Medicine values patient time and strives to make health care as hassle-free as possible. After a patient’s initial visit, follow-up appointments are conducted via telemedicine or in person for patients' convenience. Because the practice doesn’t take health insurance, Dr. Thangudu has a smaller patient load and makes herself readily available to her patients by phone, text, or email.

Because it is fully aware of the skyrocketing costs of prescription medications, the practice works closely with each patient to make sure they take only the medications they need. Instead, focus is placed on health coaching and a plant-based diet to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic disease, so patients can reduce their medications.

With a patient-centered, evidence-based approach to care, Complete Medicine is dedicated to optimizing health and wellness. Call the office or enroll online today.


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  • "Dr. Thangudu is a very caring, kind and knowledgeable physician. She listens to you and works with you to reach the goals that you set... Highly recommend her"

    Hema R.
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