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 2019 by Arti Thangudu, MD

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Complete Medicine - The First Diabetes Reversal Clinic in Texas

When I started Complete Medicine in April 2019, I thought I was creating a general endocrinology practice where I could improve my patients’ healthcare experience by delivering meaningful doctor-patient relationships through direct access, in-depth visits and transparent pricing. I love my patients so much and I felt sad and angry about the current state of clinical medicine.

I had no idea what this clinic would grow into.

In six short months, Complete Medicine has become the only diabetes reversal clinic in Texas amidst a diabetes crisis.

Diabetes reversal is the normalization of blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c off all blood sugar lowering medications. I found through directed techniques of lifestyle optimization, we can peel off medications and achieve outstanding results.

My patients’ stories tear at my heart. Diabetes is emotionally trying. After being asked to give a talk on the finances of diabetes, I recognized the immense financial burden of diabetes.

Here are some astounding figures.

  • Each person with diabetes has medical expenses of about $16,750 every year

  • Health care costs for people with diabetes are nearly 2.5 times those of non-diabetics

  • Each patient with diabetes costs their employer more than $3,000 in lost productivity each year

  • The cost of new diabetes medications and insulin are often several hundred dollars every month

Insurance companies are recognizing the exorbitant cost of diabetes and reducing coverage for diabetes medications to protect their bottom lines.

This is an absolute disaster. Clearly, traditional treatment has not gone far enough. Prevention and reversal must to be the future of our community and our healthcare system. This is where I come in. My husband calls me an “aggressive diabetes sniper” with good reason.

What’s the fastest we have normalized blood sugars off meds? Eleven days. Added bonus, we fixed that patients high blood pressure, too. Sick on four medications to healthier on zero in under two weeks.

In six months, we have seen a 2.3% average reduction in A1c in our poorly controlled type two diabetic patients. All of these patients are on fewer medications than when they started.

This means the Complete Medicine intervention so far has been significantly more powerful than the leading virtual intensive therapeutic lifestyle intervention (average A1c reduction 1% at 10 weeks) and the leading diabetes drugs, metformin and Ozempic, (expected A1c reduction ~1.5%).

More, our intervention is safer, faster and more cost-effective. This is what our community needs.

A conservative cost-savings estimate from our clinic’s first six months on a handful of initial patients is $83,750 per year.

As a classically trained MD, my mind is absolutely blown by the power of lifestyle medicine.

I know we are onto something here. I am grateful for my patients who took a gamble on a young physician with big dreams. You are the reason I have been able to learn so much about optimizing diabetes care. Together, we will make an impact on our diabetic crisis.

If you are interested in receiving targeted coaching by an MD on how to reverse type 2 diabetes, please reach out - we’re here to help.