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 2019 by Arti Thangudu, MD

Dr. Thangudu is the absolute BEST doctor I have ever been to hands down! She is patient, kind and caring. She is always willing to explain anything and really help you achieve what you want with your health goals.

Kirsten, San Antonio, TX

High Level Medicine
Dr. Thangudu is a triple board certified MD in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism; lifestyle medicine and internal medicine. 
Individualized Coaching
We treat the whole person, not simply diseases. We will create a care plan that focuses on you.
In-Depth Nutrition
We provide evidence-based dietary counseling to help you manage, prevent and even reverse chronic diseases.
Hassle-Free Access
Enjoy direct access to your physician outside the clinic via email, phone and text.
Say Hello to An Empowering Experience with Your Doctor
Say goodbye to redundant paperwork, inconvenient wait times, frustrating lack of access to your physician, and confusion at the pharmacy.
About me
My care is rooted in love. As your physician, I see you. Complete Medicine enables me to empower you to your best health.

Areas of Expertise




Preventative Lifestyle


Weight Loss



Hormonal Therapy